Adrian Garcia is a young community leader and grassroots organizer native to the Northside community of Houston. Born in Mesquite, Texas to immigrant parents, Adrian's family moved to Houston’s Northside at an early age. Being the oldest of three siblings, both of whom attend middle school in the area, he quickly learned the importance of responsibility and hard work. Today Adrian and his family continue to reside in Houston's Northside and are small business owners in the area.  


Adrian is a product of all Houston public schools. The lack of resources and investment in his community encouraged him to do his own small part in activism very early on. During his time at Sam Houston High School, when the state threatened a complete take over and shut down of the “at-risk” campus, Adrian reached out to any public official that would listen. It was then when together with other leaders, they started conversations to keep the high school active. Later, as Student Body President and together with elected officials, activists and parents, they worked to obtain a historical marker for the first and oldest high school in the state. Driven by engagement, Adrian later became the first in his family to attend college through scholarships like the Houston Endowment, Jesse H. Jones Foundation, and others. He obtained a degree in Political Science and Communications. 


Adrian took this opportunity to make a difference in our community. For him, that meant public service, from knocking on doors to working to elect officials. Garcia quickly became involved in democratic politics locally, statewide, and federally. He has spent time in the Texas Legislature and has a passion for parliamentary procedure. He has worked with organizations to support low income and at risk students. Garcia currently works as a legal case manager, working with the most vulnerable of families in complex issues ranging from child custody rights to property division.  


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Today the story is not much different, Adrian is running to be a fresh voice with a new vision to advocate for those most vulnerable in our communities. Adrian’s promise is one that believes in all people and their potential. If elected, Adrian vows to stand up to a state or private takeover of public schools and enact policies that will further favor the student and the teacher, he vows to continue the fight for women’s rights, healthcare, children, and immigrant families all while continuing to bring prosperity to district 148.